Our insurance and reinsurance practice encompasses a variety of disputes for domestic and foreign insurers and reinsurers. We have achieved extraordinary results in litigations and arbitrations arising out of comprehensive general liability policies, first party policies, professional and specialized liability policies, treaty and facultative reinsurance agreements, and managing or underwriting agency agreements as well as in disputes concerning worldwide insurance programs, specific business programs, and the placement of insurance. We have also represented various insureds facing potential liability as property owners, business executives and professionals, and manufacturers and distributors of consumer goods.

We have been extensively involved in insurance coverage disputes and regularly provide coverage opinions involving the duty to defend, expected or intended occurrences, allocation, trigger of coverage, concurrent causes, timing and number of occurrences, natural catastrophes, collapses of structures, and non-fortuity. In addition, we have a well-established record of success in declaratory judgment actions and litigating fraud and misrepresentation claims. We are also regularly appointed by insurers as defense counsel in underlying product liability lawsuits and lawsuits arising from major construction projects.

We represent cedents and assuming reinsurers in mediations, litigations, and arbitrations. Our depth of experience includes disputes involving proportional and excess of loss contracts, mass tort cessions, audit rights, and extra-contractual liabilities. We have handled issues such as the enforceability and scope of arbitration clauses, run-off rights and obligations, allocation issues, and terms requiring that a reinsurer "follow the fortunes" of its cedent. In addition, we have helped our clients to achieve favorable commutation agreements and have advised on bad faith claims, a reinsurer's right to associate in the defense of its cedent, and resolutions of protracted disputes. We are known and respected by umpires, arbitrators, and other industry professionals.

2015 BestOur insurance and reinsurance lawyers have established reputations for significant expertise and practical knowledge. We are committed to maintaining a depth of understanding of industry custom and practice and we lecture and provide presentations to industry trade groups and corporate counsel and professionals regularly.