Our Firm

Why choose us?

We are a firm that is small enough to provide personal attention and efficient services to our clients but large enough that we can take advantage of the collective experiences of our lawyers. Our attorneys each came to us with a unique perspective, some from big firms, some from small firms, and some from public companies (one of whom served as in-house counsel to one of the top banks in the world). This variety in backgrounds allows for a fertile cross-pollination of ideas that benefits all of our clients.

We are not afraid to buck tradition and handle problems tenaciously and in innovative, creative ways -- but always with integrity and maintaining our credibility and reputation.

We have represented and worked with C-level management, senior, mid-level, and junior employees as well as agents, intermediaries, underwriters, claims professionals, broker-dealers, executive recruiters, real estate companies, a not-for-profit medical research company, a municipality, a commodities trading company, a quantitative research and trading firm, a multi-strategy trading firm, a technology and analytics company, an accounting firm, an alternative fixed income investment manager, and a media marketplace company.

We understand that different problems require different solutions. We analyze all possible scenarios, including best and worst case outcomes, as well as our clients' risk tolerances and resources to develop the best course of action. This can range from behind-the-scenes legal advice and guidance to negotiations to mediations or to full-blown litigations (including arbitrations). We represent both plaintiffs and defendants and this gives us an invaluable perspective that we draw upon every day.

Our attorneys care deeply about their profession, the quality of their work, and you. We never forget that our top priority is our clients and that the best way to obtain the best result is not merely to provide service to you, but to work with you.